Monday, October 6, 2008

Get Thee Behind Me

Get thee behind me, you deceiver of old.
You have no authority, no power, no control.
Go back from whence you came.
For Jesus lives in THIS place.

O you have trapped and even ensnared me before.
But Jesus reigns supreme here now and forevermore.
You have nothing to show for your decietful ways-
For all that you set to destroy me with
Are now under His control.
And He is using those despicable things
To bring Hope, Faith and Love
To those in such desperate need.
Because now they can believe,
"If He can use one such as she, surely He can me!”

Crawl on your belly and leave me at once.
For haven’t you noticed that my stumblings
Are fewer and further between?
But we both know it is not me. Oh, no.
My Strength and my Confidence are not my own, of course you see-
But of the One you believe in and fear
And of the One I adore.

You with your beauty and pride are no match for Him.
You lose. Yes, you lose. Your crushing will come.
For His love, His mercy, His grace
Are beyond your ability to battle.
Perhaps you enjoy small victories of sin in this fallen world.
But make no mistake, you slithering snake, your Foe is the victor.

Truth is His name; Love He proclaims
And freedom for the captured soul that you have failed to destroy.
Get thee behind me, you deceiver of old.
For there is room for only One – the Lover of my soul.


Anonymous said...

"Yes, you lose."

YES! SO awesome.

Anonymous said...


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