Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fleeting moments

Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed by God's goodness? I mean like "fall on your face" overwhelmed. To be honest, while it happens for me fairly often, it probably doesn't happen nearly often enough. Not because His goodness isn't always overwhelming, but because I don't seem to notice as often as I should. Anybody else get that?

Let's take today for example. I was sitting at dinner with my family and observing the interaction of my two sweet daughters. And then BAMMMMM!!! - I suddenly was so overwhelmed by the fact that they have been entrusted to me or more specifically to each other. That God would somehow deem me worthy of this kind of joy. Sweet moments of joy that are fleeting at best because they are so tied to that precise moment.

You know the kind. That momentary rush of color at sunset that seems to vanish with the ray of sunlight that it rode into your vision on. That momentary "warm all over" feeling when you watch your man across the room as he laughs his unmistakable laugh and you realize God meant him for you - and he is. That momentary silence before dawn when the nestling under the covers brings a comfort of sleep unmatched by the other five hours you've had.

Sweet joy. One nineteen, finding her wings, but still needing her mom. The other eleven, innocence embodied, also still needing her mom. But the bond between them is not me. No, it is a soul connection designed by God for His glory. I'm just so humbled that He has allowed me to be the witness to it. The observer and the nuturer of it. But the relationship they have will carry them far beyond my watch; prayerfully far beyond my life.

But for that fleeting moment, I glimpsed a bit of heaven. Two smiles in a restaurant full of people that spoke volumes and was meant only for the other. Sweet relationship that will sustain, support, and even remind or reprimand at times. But oh, for the privilege of watching it bloom and blossom. And then the moment was gone. The conversation moved on. Others, me included, entered the moment and moved it past their concentration on each other.

But that moment, that fleeting moment I was overwhelmed by His goodness. Isn't He good?

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