Monday, October 20, 2008

Therapy...sort of

I just got home a little bit ago from therapy...not anything too serious like physical or psycho, but the REEAAALLLLYY good know, girl therapy. I just had my hair done.

Now I know that any sweet ones who have virgin hair won't get this, but it really is the best. So much cheaper than those dr. types- not that you shouldn't seek them out if you need them - it's just that I love to have some "laugh therapy".

Now Diana, aka. miracle worker, takes such good care of my locks, but she also is very good for my soul. We have a blast in Jesus together. And she is very kind, too. I know she has to wonder why she has to keep creating that magical concoction when she knows I am actually blond to the brain stem so all those roots should just grow out blond anyway. But, ya know, she has never once said it out loud to me. And somehow, she always manages to tell me a story that makes me laugh so hard I always want to double check and make sure she's not actually trying to CUT my hair at that point. It really is a disaster in the making, but I can't help it...she makes me laugh. I love that about her. Oh, we have both seen our fair share of life junk, but we are also both keenly aware of His incredible gifts...Like girl therapy. I hope, sweet sisters, you have someone to laugh with...and cry with when you need to...girl therapy is a necessity of life, don't you think?

Thank you , Beth Moore and Living Proof

This is from a post on the Lifeway site celebrating 10 years of Living Proof Live events with Beth Moore. The offer was to leave a comment of thanks. Well, of course, a simple thank you would never do for me!...

This box they have me typing in seems awfully small for the overflow of feelings I have. When I was 32 years old, shortly after I had my second daughter, my oldest daughter, Chelsea, had just given her heart to Christ. I had become absolutely dumb-struck by the incredible responsibility and privelege I had for my daughters' discipling. I was completely unprepared. I was saved at an early age but never really discipled and to say I made some lousy choices wouldn't even begin to describe my wreck of a life...But God. He encircled me with a church that reached out to the girls and I and loved us like crazy. And my first big step was doing Experiencing God. Huge change for me. So what does all that have to do with the question posed here...

Then came my first Beth Moore study. I learned so much. And your two girls were just older versions of my own. I was inpired and encouraged. Thank you.

I remember completing two Beth Moore studies before going to my first LPL event. And unlike one of my Siestas who had it right from the beginning, I had to guard myself from worshipping the messenger instead of the only real Message! Yes, I became an official Beth Moore groupie in Moore, Ok (pretty appropriate, huh?). One of the first Christian music CD's I bought was the LPL CD from Travis - oh my, it might have even been on cassette back in the day! What a praise team!! No words will ever do them justice. Thank you. I've completed all but I think one of Beth's studies, and after either leading (who would have ever dreamed - oh, yeah...Him.) or attending them, I had to buy the trade book, too. I didn't want the truth she taught me to slip away. Thank you.

And, Beth, I remember somehow you were booked to speak in...of all places...Seymour, TX, which is a little over an hour's drive from my house. Which, of course, all Texans understand is "just up the road." I think that was before you really hit it "big"... ;)I attended that event and cried from the start to the finish and healed more than you can imagine. You see, just a week or so before, my husband of 16 years had told me he was finished. I needed you and even more I needed Him...and you lead me to Him. That was in 2000. Thank you.

And this summer I got to be a part of the Siesta Fiesta. What fun and what joy!! How far we have come!!! Thank you.

Beth, I remember so vividly you talking about the two people who inspired you to be hungry and love God's Word and to love Jesus with abandon. Well, my dear sweet sister, YOU have been that mentor for me. Even if from afar, even if from words on a page, even if from a message from a video. No other single teacher has had a greater impact on me than you. And I pray that the influence I now pass on is one that is absolutely glorifying to Jesus alone. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will continue to pray for you, your precious family, and your team.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Get Thee Behind Me

Get thee behind me, you deceiver of old.
You have no authority, no power, no control.
Go back from whence you came.
For Jesus lives in THIS place.

O you have trapped and even ensnared me before.
But Jesus reigns supreme here now and forevermore.
You have nothing to show for your decietful ways-
For all that you set to destroy me with
Are now under His control.
And He is using those despicable things
To bring Hope, Faith and Love
To those in such desperate need.
Because now they can believe,
"If He can use one such as she, surely He can me!”

Crawl on your belly and leave me at once.
For haven’t you noticed that my stumblings
Are fewer and further between?
But we both know it is not me. Oh, no.
My Strength and my Confidence are not my own, of course you see-
But of the One you believe in and fear
And of the One I adore.

You with your beauty and pride are no match for Him.
You lose. Yes, you lose. Your crushing will come.
For His love, His mercy, His grace
Are beyond your ability to battle.
Perhaps you enjoy small victories of sin in this fallen world.
But make no mistake, you slithering snake, your Foe is the victor.

Truth is His name; Love He proclaims
And freedom for the captured soul that you have failed to destroy.
Get thee behind me, you deceiver of old.
For there is room for only One – the Lover of my soul.