Monday, October 20, 2008

Therapy...sort of

I just got home a little bit ago from therapy...not anything too serious like physical or psycho, but the REEAAALLLLYY good know, girl therapy. I just had my hair done.

Now I know that any sweet ones who have virgin hair won't get this, but it really is the best. So much cheaper than those dr. types- not that you shouldn't seek them out if you need them - it's just that I love to have some "laugh therapy".

Now Diana, aka. miracle worker, takes such good care of my locks, but she also is very good for my soul. We have a blast in Jesus together. And she is very kind, too. I know she has to wonder why she has to keep creating that magical concoction when she knows I am actually blond to the brain stem so all those roots should just grow out blond anyway. But, ya know, she has never once said it out loud to me. And somehow, she always manages to tell me a story that makes me laugh so hard I always want to double check and make sure she's not actually trying to CUT my hair at that point. It really is a disaster in the making, but I can't help it...she makes me laugh. I love that about her. Oh, we have both seen our fair share of life junk, but we are also both keenly aware of His incredible gifts...Like girl therapy. I hope, sweet sisters, you have someone to laugh with...and cry with when you need to...girl therapy is a necessity of life, don't you think?

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Lori said...

Cindy!!! I just saw your comment on my blog from the other day, so that led me here! Speaking of therapy, blogs are that way too, they're a great release! I'm going to add you to my list of blogs that I follow! - I'm a blog stalker deluxe.... :)