Friday, March 6, 2009

Youth Sunday

I've been waiting to post this because I was supposed to get some pictures sent to me that I wanted to post with it. 'Cause the last thing I was thinking about was pictures or a camera!!!..but no pics, delayed post, yadda-yadda.

I'm pushing on.

Sunday morning was an amazing day for our kids. We had one of our guys read a beutiful piece of scripture out of Psalms then pray. Another young man did the welcome. The guys leading praise and worship were awesome. And our sweet girls who had practiced so long for creative movement NAILED IT!!! We even had several of our guys act as usher and they didn't even drop the offering plates or anything!! :)

Then, sweet Zack took the pulpit and delivered a message. He was funny, charming, humble, and I must say brave. It's tough to get up in front of people and speak...let alone be a junior in high school and get up in front of your church on a Sunday morning...with a full house I might add. They even had to bring in extra chairs. Zack did a fabulous job.

Then my precious boy, Corbin, got up and did announcements. He cracks me up! He even announced the birth of his second cousin, but just introduced him by name and said, "I know he's a relative, but I don't really know what he is to me." Perfect.

All in all, the kids did a great job, but more than anything, God was awesome!
Congratulations to a great group of kids, and to God be the glory!!

And now, we get ready for Spiritual Preparation Weekend starting tomorrow night. And just wait until Sunday morning. My guy is going to sing a very special song. Can't wait!!

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